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Reliance Engineering and Environmental Services is dedicated to providing a wide range of reliable and cost effective environmental services. Working within the framework of applicable laws and regulations, Reliance gives the highest possible priority to clients’ particular objectives for timeliness and cost control.

Services provided by Reliance Engineering and Environmental Services, LLC range from initial environmental investigations to wetland surveys to project management, remediation and closure. No matter what the activity, Reliance pledges high quality and professionalism.

In an ongoing pursuit to improve our efficiency and service capabilities, Reliance has invested heavily in vital field equipment and technological improvements in the offices. We have installed a network of computers capable of accessing environmental databases, maps and other requisite data within minutes.

A website cannot display the sincere commitment of the entire Reliance Team to quality, reliability and dedication to service. Call Reliance and see that commitment in action.


10455 N. Central Expressway
Suite 109-441
Dallas TX 75231
Telephone (214) 553-4545
Facsimile (214) 553-5576
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